Hiring a Marketer For Your Business

Hiring a marketer to bring in the sales

In a saturated market where a realistic market share for your business can sometimes be possibly less than 1%, so finding someone who can push your products to the audience is a crucial must. Moreso, hiring a marketer can be challenging but of course, doable.

Marketers are essentially the enforcers of sales; Setting up campaigns, planning campaigns, attending meetings, and executing campaigns to create a sustainable ripple effect to sell the product to the public. Talented marketers is a must for every business in this time of the candidate-driven market, but the truly great marketers are somewhat the most sought-off talent in today’s online world. Recruiting marketers are like buying products. You get what you pay for. If you put in little effort, you will get a poor marketer, vice versa. In this article, you can learn a few tips on how to attract the right one for the job.

An ocean full of talent

First off, you should collect a list of people who can be a great potential hire, this can be done through job fairs, and getting recommendations from other professionals. Now, thanks to the Internet, it has been easier to curate a talent pool with networking sites (e.g. LinkedIn). With these tools in hand, you’ll always have options.

Collect profiles of those applicants who showed interest in your company during job fairs, and on job posting sites, this way you know these applicants have initially seen your company as a point of interest and they’ll be more inclined to respond to you in a more positive manner.


Making a brand attractive does not only bring in potential customers, but also people who’d totally love to work with or for you, and it would also give them a fine addition to their portfolio. Hiring a marketer is the same as preaching their craft. If you can market your company to them, they’ll want to market your business for you.

Fostering mutual respect

Before jumping into offering a potential marketer position, pay, and amenities– a slow but gradually progressing relationship must be formed between you and the marketer first, through constant communication, reach out on a regular interval, take consultation from him if possible. You must respect his time and in turn, he will respect you and what you have in mind. If you install him and do not collaborate with him, his end result will reflect your effort. No marketer can get going without the proper understanding of the brand, and the necessary training.

Passion’s Proof

Set up calls or meetings between the marketeer and your customer, social proof and direct testimonials from passionate customers are like sweet music for marketeers and are some of the best proofs you can get to convince them to work for you. The more you have, the better. And you can be sure that the marketer would seek to maximize this in the future.

The competitive scene

Hiring a marketer is close to finding an artist behind a painting. As such your offer must be competitive and industry-standard, or better. Show that it’s worth it working for you and your brand and provide a potential challenge to retain engagement, marketers are natural-born problem solvers and they will need problems to solve.

Open to possibilities

Sometimes there isn’t time for that brilliant talent you’re looking for and it can’t be possible to wait for that. You should be flexible with the options you have, like for example, someone with too little or no experience as long as the candidate is sociable and is able to work harmoniously with colleagues, as that aspect is not teachable. You can, however, teach the marketer the ins and outs of your company and fill in that lack of experience over time and this can be done much faster if the candidate has a high level of aptitude.

In some cases, most of the marketers are online now and remote working is something that can be an absolute preference.

Summing it all up, hiring a marketer is as grueling a task as actually selling your product. Given the rise of more businesses crowding the market, so does the competitiveness of marketeers. Finding an excellent marketer is as good as finding a diamond in the rough.

There are some sites that can help you find the right one for the job

  • Onlinejobs.ph – simple job posting site, that works just like a bulletin board, easy posting and specifying job requirements if you are looking for Filipino workers.
  • Upwork – specialized in hiring freelancers that can vary from offerings such as graphic, logo design, video and the like.
  • Sourcefit – low rates, outsourcing focused on small businesses.

The good thing about these sites is, that they all have plenty of untapped talent and are simply waiting for you to reach out. Finding candidates is easy for as long as you have the right tools and the right place to look at.

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